Friday, February 4, 2011

Religion Closes Up Growing Children!! (nimeinakili mtandaoni)

Some of us have children. We aspire to have children. And families. In the third world, countries like Kenya, the ideal young man or woman will aspire to have a family that is God fearing family. So that the partner you are most likely seeking is the God fearing one. The one who is ready to accompany you to church every Sunday, or be a Mosque going fellow, hijab wearing, fasting and all that crap.(Whatever God fearing really means!!)

But lets turn to our children. One reason why children in the third world will never be inventors, scientists, why we shall always lag behind the west, is simple. We expose our children to fear from the time they are born. A child gets to 4 years and he has to join Madras, or the Sunday School. Of course they teach that God is the one who brings rain, provides food, shelter, good health. As the children grow, they grow with fear of venturing out. They stick to the basics, hoping God is watching that everything goes ok. We even prefer to take our children to study in the West. Because Kenyan education system has entrenched CRE and IRE as compulsory subjects in primary. I do not this this is necessary. Morality does not (must not) be derived from religion only.

In the US and other developed worlds, children are more exposed to science, arts, Music and business. You find millionaires at 22 years, who have attempted all sorts of feats.

This is the effect of theism on our close them up at an early stage. Its our undoing as the third world.

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Anonymous said...

Mafundisho ya deni yanalenga kukuza imani. Tatizo katika maandiko ya din lipo katika tafsri. Hata hivyo ni ukweli usiopingika kwani kila kitu kinatoka kwa Mungu. Hivvo basi binadamu hana budi kumuomba Mungu ili ampatie kila anachotaka.Imani hii nadhani inawachangia watoto hata baadaye wanapokuwa wakubwa kuwa na unyenyekevu mbele ya Mungu na binadamu wengine. Lakini imani hii isipowekwa sawa yaweza kuwafanya wabweteke!