Wednesday, May 25, 2011

nimekutana na hii kuhusu Mungu na dini, isome uone

When you WORSHIP foreign gods imposed on you by foreigners - Jesus and

When you practice foreign religions - Christianity and Islam - and
abandon the gods of your own ancestors, calling them "juju", "fetish",

When you look down on and actually DESPISE your own culture and

When you see your race as backward and primitive, with no culture or
history worth talking about...

When you abandon your own African languages seeing them as backward
and primitive...and you are ashamed to speak them or teach them to you

When you constantly abuse, despise, hate, fight and even kill your
fellow Africans - Blacks like you - because of your white imposed
gods, the Arab, Muhammad and the Jew, Jesus...

How can we ever "depart from our old colonial sense of inferiority
complex in order for real Tanzanians to derive full benefits of
Tanzania citizenship without being disenfranchised by these
foreigners that are pretending to love Tanzana the name of
naturalization", when Tanzanians have abandoned their African cultures
and ancestry and now only worship a dead Arab (Muhammad) and a Jew
that was crucified by his people more than 2000 years ago (Jesus of
Nazareth) as gods...?

The moment a race of people abandon their own gods and start
worshiping the gods imposed on them by foreigners, they invariably end
up worshiping the foreigners who imposed on them these foreign gods!

Such a race of people have developed a TERMINAL CASE of INFERIORITY

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