Tuesday, September 13, 2011


tuangalie moja wapo ya sababu kwanini hatuendelei, tunaongozwa na kizazi cha zamani, linganisha umri huu;..

Why Africa is 25 Years behind the developed world


Abdulai Wade ( Senegal ) age 84

Hosni Mubarak ( Egypt ) age 82

Robert Mugabe ( Zimbabwe ) age 86

Hifikepunye Pohamba ( Namibia ) age 74

Rupiah Banda ( Zambia ) age 73

Mwai Kibaki ( Kenya ) age 71

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ( Liberia ) age 75

Colonel Gaddafi (Libya) age 68

Jacob Zuma (South Africa) age 68

Bingu Wa Mtalika (Malawi) age 76

Average Age: 75.6 ~ Approximately 76 years


Barrack Obama (USA) age 48

David Cameron (UK) age 43

Dimitri Medvedev (Russia) age 45

Stephen Harper (Canada) age 51

Julia Gillard (Australia) age 49

Nicolas Sarkozy (France) age 55

Luis Zapatero (Spain) age 49

Jose Socrates (Portugal) age 53

Angela Merkel (Germany) age 56

Herman Van Rompuy (Belgium) age 62

Average Age: 51.1 ~ Approximately 51 years



Chacha o'Wambura a.k.a Ng'wanambiti! said...

Hata kama tukipata hao wenye umri chini ya 60 hapa kwetu bado hali itakuwa mbaya tu kwani the whole system is damn corrupt.

kwa hiyo twatakiwa kwanza ku-overhaul system na kuweka mpya!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I am not convinced that this is so, yes those are the leaders but honestly that number isn't near to the average of the continents described. Africa has over 50 countries in her continent but the presidents mentioned don't come near to even half the continent's countries.

Second I think the whole issue of being developed now, is a bit more complex. We have to change not only individual country's major systems but also the global economic system as well, You see most of developing countries one way or the other are restricted by these global financial and economic system. The system in which Gaddafi was prepared to fight and help some countries to fight against that, but he got caught up too early on that and had to be taken out.

So it's true that we need young leaders but also for us to develop, we need to be able to unite and fight against the current global financial system as it has highly against such African and other developing countries true development.