Monday, December 19, 2011

is Kamala J L an Atheist? definately not

ndg Charles,

good observation but are you sure that ndg Kamala J Lutatinisibwa has ever proclaimed in any way to be a Atheist?

according to some definitions an Atheist is one who doesn't believe or agree the presence/existence of the so called God, not only that but also the existence of the so called supreme being or beings or gods

Ndg Kamala J Lutatinisibwa does not deny the existence of of all those, but has a different view or actions. Kamala is not a believer, but a practitioner. not a scientist in a commonly known science when it comes to spiritual matters, but he is a Soul scientist. he experiences spiritual matters by practicle not only theoretical (science of the SOUL)

he Neither rely on Dogma nor going to the BEYOND after death, but going there still alive in this body and hence not an atheist is you thought he has ever proclaimed.

otherwise in religious issues, I still have many things to wonder at, two of them being existance of many religious, antagonism in the some religious sect and the action of people fighting in the Name of God, Allah, Supreme being, etc, the one who is believed to provide lif e all; believers and non believers. Why should God send Charles to kill Kamala a non believer while the very same God is blessing Kamala and Charls with breathing ability? while Charles Exhales, Kamala inhales the same air then why not that God prevent one he hates from inhaling so that he dies right away?

any way does killing and death of human being mean anything to us and to God himself? mh ! if so Why did Jesus wonder at people who thought and believed the were/could kill him? (an immortal being)

the last question here is; did any of us choose religion he proclaimes to belong? of course no. it is simply a birth accident! that the family one is born, the religion he/she was forced to follow! the reason to why I avoid being reffered to us a Christian even though I read a Bible and Enjoy some Christian Dogmas



Anonymous said...

well said ndugu kamala

chib said...


Masangu Matondo Nzuzullima (MMN) said...

Mulangira Omukulu;


Nilikuwa napita hapa kusema kwamba sasa nimerudi tena rasmi.

Nitarudi baadaye kutoa maoni yangu kuhusu mada hii.

SWALI: Ina maana kabla ya wazungu kuja Afrika na kutuletea Ukristo, sote tulikuwa ma-atheists ???

Goodman Manyanya Phiri said...

Even if Kamala were an atheist, WHO CARES.?(and by the way, atheists are some of the most religious people you can ever find on earth...unfortunately too many people mistake atheism for "non-religionism" which is a rubbish understanding of atheism. Unlike "theists" (or believers in God or gods) Atheists put human beings first before a god that they believe does not exist. Atheism is the religion along which socialism and communism are postulated.