Tuesday, November 6, 2012

je hii ni kweli kuhusu biblia?

The Bible Has Ceased Being Relevant

The fact is that the book that we call the Bible has lost its relevant in the 21st Century, and as we progress both in knowledge and awareness, as our lifestyles and culture changes, we shall find the book as lacking in relevance. The book, once thought to hold the truth about god and heaven and hell, the book once thought to explain our origin, is no longer read by most Kenyans. Those who take to reading this book do so out of a weakness. You go through misfortune, some prayers come in handy and you gravitate towards reading the bible, just to console you.

The Bible has failed in explaining where we came from as humans. That six day story in the book of Genesis is too shallow to even stand basic peer review. The book has invented Jesus, but says that Jesus died on the cross, and this was very important to humanity. We now know it was a ploy to get a following of the religion of Christ by its authors, nothing more. The bible talks of prophets, who we never see any more (other than Prophet Awuor), it talks of miracles, angels and demons that we never see any more. 

The Bible was written at a time when science was non-existent, information flow in terms of the internet, and email was not there. Then Jesus just goes back to heaven, and tells us he is coming back - i doubt the guy has any such plans.

Anyway, the Bible has lost relevance in this Century! And it will continue losing the relevance.

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