Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Functioning males are highly demanded than ladies

In the past and recent present, women were gold in most societies but nowadays things have changed. Spinsters, single mothers, widow and divorced women’s number is on the rise. Scientific research is needed to enlighten on the matter.
The writer of this article has to find out that almost all of his former girlfriends are unmarried and all of them would wish to come back to him but the chance is already taken by a smart and straightforward woman which makes them regret of their stupid decision of leaving him some years ago. Even most of his college mates

In Tanzania a woman is considered to be available for marriage when she is 24 to around 27 years of age. At this age if not married, she should at least prove to be in a serious relationship while the only reason for not getting married is to be education issue i.e. her partner or a girl herself is finalizing her higher education
We are used to hearing about young bachelors fighting to win girls hearts where girls had plenty applications to choose. A girl could set standards to choose; an educated, economic well offs, the one sharing beliefs with etc. boys always fought to be with one if not all of the above set criteria. He could study hard, or dig and own bigger plot, be a hero etc

One of the reasons for presence of senior bachelors among few was due to failure to pay bride price. Now in this era of climatic changes, the wind is blowing to a different direction, women are to pray and work hard to get a really at least functioning partner.  The society is full of spinsters wishing to get any male to hold her hand in the streets.

A recent married women at the age of 32 (name withheld) expressed how life was tough without a marriage or courtship. Life felt meaningless with her degree in nursing. She says it was a great blessing from the above to get a foreigner proposing marriage to her. She further describes the situation in universities and colleges on how women are ready to do anything to win a bachelor’s heart.

On the other side of the coin, male are challenged by the globalised lifestyle which turn some of them to be impotent. With alcoholic, drug abusing and junk foods finishes men. Some can’t even go for a single round with active woman in bed. However homosexuality way of life challenges men than women. The number of gays might be higher than lesbians
With the increase of spinsters, some men don’t want responsibilities. They opt to be playboys than marrying; this breaks a spinster’s heart as well

Bride price is no longer an issue, what is yearned for from girls and their parent is getting married as soon as possible. Men don’t have to be handsome or wealthy to win a woman’s heart. An important aspect is to be functioning! What a revolution for bachelors? The choice is theirs

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