Saturday, January 5, 2013

additional point on Xmass celebration

Another important point you might have forgotten, in Kagera, during those days, rice was cooked during Nweli and Pasika. The rest of the days it was bananas, occassionally cassava, yam, sweet potatoes and other meals were taken. At lunch, on Christmas everyone had to make sure that his/her stomach is prepared to take enough rice. It was a meal highly adored by everyone in the village.
Presently, due to climate changes, rice has become one of the staple food in Kagera, especially for areas in the vicinity of lake Victoria.
I am not sure if the vilagers were not aware of what Christmas was all about. Church teachings on that days were directed to telling people what Christmas is all about. Unless Mr Kamala wants to tell us he never attended church services, and if he did, he was busy looking at the queens and planning how he gonna use coca cola as a bait to entice them.
Otherwise you have reminded me of those days when I had to prod my dad to make sure I am in new attires.

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Anonymous said...

hata hivyo yalikuwa ni mateso kipindihicho kumbe mambo mengine ni sikukuu za wazungu nikipindi cha mapumziko huko Ulaya kutokana na baridi kali hukukwetu tunadanganywa eti yesu kazaliwa